'I will cry later. Oh, how I'll cry'.. one mother's realisation that her son was growing up 3 years ago

'I will cry later. Oh, how I'll cry'.. one mother's realisation that her son was growing up

Life has a funny way of repeating itself.

And this is something one mother realised when she noticed her son was growing out of their 'mother and son traditions'.

The very moment she remembered having with her own mother. When a child is trying to tell you that they are growing up; without breaking your heart with the hard realisation that the moment you dreaded has finally arrived.

Every mother is excited to see their child grow and become an independent individual, but you can't help and feel selfish and scared as it also signifies a passing of time and a fade in your child's reliance on you.

"I battled with my decision for days. Part of me wanted to hold on. Part of me wanted to let go. None of me wanted to hurt my mom's feelings and I knew that this would. It weighed on me for days until finally one night as she tucked me in, I bared my heart. It hurt, that confession. Partly because it was the closing of a chapter, partly because I knew it would hurt her" the mother wrote as she recalled her own coming of age with her mom.

And now life has done a full 360 degrees on her. She now watches her own son battle with the confession. The confession that he too is growing up and the sentimental things she does for him are getting him teased at school.

She wrote: "Last week my son told me that his friends teased him because of the notes I put in his lunchbox. I said I would stop writing them if he wanted me to. He told me I could continue, but I could see the struggle in his eyes; the struggle between not wanting to hurt my feelings and growing up. Up and away."


The mother-of-one saw this as a sign for things to come, for more traditions that he will soon grow out of as he becomes more and more independent on his own.

"Maybe it'll be the lunchbox notes, maybe it'll be our bedtime cuddles, maybe it'll be something else entirely. He'll struggle for days between hurting my feelings and being true to what he is meant to do: Grow up and away" she added.

And just like her own confession with her mom, the author of the blog Oh, Honestly- Real Life for Real Moms, knows her son is becoming a teenager and life is moving on but she cannot help feel emotional watching him spread his wings and fly.

She continues....

"Until finally, he'll bare his heart. And I will take it well. I'll understand. But I will cry later. Oh, how I'll cry."

"I don't remember how old I was.

I do remember the internal struggle between a little girl who was growing up and a...

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