10 Baby Girl Names That Have The SWEETEST Meanings 4 years ago

10 Baby Girl Names That Have The SWEETEST Meanings

Congrats on getting ready to welcome (or having just welcomed) a little princess!

We bet you are having all sorts of ideas already when it comes to naming your new bundle. But if you are still looking for suggestions, maybe some of these super-sweet names will tickle your fancy?

We are loving how they are all really nice names on their own, but on top of that, they actually have a sweet meaning behind them too. It's a total win-win.

Are you ready for all this cuteness? Here goes:

1. Dahlia

This name means a bunch of single beautiful flowers on a “valley”.

2. Mila

The word Mila is of Greek origins and means pleasant or friendly. It is also a word from the Swahili language which means “tradition”.

3. Enna


A beautiful name which means light.

4. Arabella

Such a pretty moniker meaning "lovely" or "elegant".

5. Luna

Luna is the Spanish word for "moon".

6. Alia

Originally an Arabic name meaning "lofty" and "sublime".

7. Riley


This is a name with Irish origins which means "valiant".

8. Nora

Beautiful name meaning "Honor" and "Light" in Latin.

9. Stella

A perfect choice for your little STAR.

10. Selma

We are loving names ending in "a" and this one, meaning "beautiful" is no exception.

Did YOU find any of these names as sweet as we did? Or have you another cute name in mind for your wee bundle? Let me know in an e-mail (if you want to share it, that is!) at Trine.Jensen@Herfamily.ie