Introducing: the safest way to wear a seatbelt correctly when you are pregnant 4 months ago

Introducing: the safest way to wear a seatbelt correctly when you are pregnant

Many things that never bothered you before, become a lot more uncomfortable during pregnancy.

One thing in particular that drove me mad were seatbelts, but even though they may not feel nice to wear when you have a huge bump, they are essential in keeping you and your unborn baby safe.

Like many women, I thought that I should wear my seatbelt in a different way to how I usually would, but this is a common misconception and can lead to serious injury should an accident occur.

According to the RSA (Road Safety Authority) the correct way to wear a seatbelt during pregnancy is;

  • Place the diagonal section of the belt across the torso (chest area) with the strap resting over the shoulder, not the neck.
  • Place the lap section of the belt flat on the thighs, fitting comfortably beneath the baby bump, and over the pelvis (not the bump).
  • Wear the seatbelt as tightly as possible as in this way, the forces applied in a sudden impact can be absorbed by the body’s frame.

It is not recommended for a pregnant woman to wear a 'lap only' seatbelt as these seatbelts can cause serious injury to your unborn child should the car brake suddenly or become involved in a collision.

Hundreds of Irish people are involved in road accidents every year so road safety is incredibly important.

Knowing the correct way to protect yourself and your family is the best way that you can help prevent serious injuries or fatalities if you should find yourself in an accident.

For more information on car safety, you can visit the RSA website