8 Things I Miss Most About Being Pregnant (Broodiness Special) 6 years ago

8 Things I Miss Most About Being Pregnant (Broodiness Special)

Gah, the broodiness!

It creeps up on you when you're not looking - when you've just gotten your figure back, gotten past the super busy 'small baby' phase, had your first weekend away together in five years or just gotten your finances back on track.

You think you're ok and have decided, firmly and with confidence, that you can stand by your decision not to have any more children.

And then you see a cute baby and it makes you feel something like a 'womb flip'.


Or you despair that your youngest child just 'isn't a baby any more' and miss those cute baby kisses and cuddles.

OR you look at all the baby clothes and toys around your house and ask yourself; 'Is it time to move them on or should I keep them.. just in case?'

If I am completely honest with myself, we are done on the pregnancy front and I am really happy to have  two gorgeous babies.

But in the interests of crossing my t's and dotting my 'i's', I would have to say that - if pushed (don't say 'push', Sharyn) - I do miss the following about being pregnant:


1. The All You Can Eat Buffet

There was barely a week that went by on either of my pregnancies where you wouldn't have found me with a bucket of chicken wings in my hand. I like my grub but I LOVED my grub when I was pregnant.


2. The Rubs

Not from random strangers - pregnant ladies are SO not into that - but the belly rubbing that you give yourself, the nice ante-natal massage that you might get as a total treat AND those 'mandatory' foot rubs that you insist your other half gives you.

3. The Scans

If I could have afforded it, or if I had the time, I would literally have booked myself in for a scan every single day. The thrill of seeing your little one doing their thing in there (ours always seemed to be dancing) puts a smile on your face for the rest of the week.

4. The Bets


Will it be a boy or a girl? Will you go into labour early or go overdue? Will the baby resemble mum or dad more? All of these little questions are so exciting to mull over and yes, even place bets on too (which my family always does on impending due dates!)


5. The Attention

As a confirmed attention seeker, I have to say that I really enjoyed the attention I got when I was pregnant. You get nicer treatment almost everywhere you go - between work, with your family and friends, and even when you go out to the shops or for a cup of coffee. I always say it's like being in a state of 'magic' with all the love you receive.

6. The Sleep

I don't think that anyone would describe me as a 'lazy' person, but oh do I love my sleep! Being pregnant gives you carte blanche to just put your head down and snooze no matter where you are and I REALLY miss that.

7. The Elasticated Waistlines

I do like my skinny jeans and everything but there is so much freedom in pulling a maxi dress on over your head with flats, or popping on a pair of maternity leggings with a grandad shirt. Or just staying in your PJs all day.. there ain't nothing like it!


8. The Beauty Of It

And not just the glowing skin and thick hair of Trimester Two but the sheer beauty of the whole experience. How lucky did I feel when I was pregnant? Just.. very.

Do you have any to add to this list? Let us know in the comments on Facebook.