Vagina concert for foetuses: Unborn babies listen to music in the womb 7 years ago

Vagina concert for foetuses: Unborn babies listen to music in the womb

Spanish Eurovision contestant, Soraya Arnelas put on a pretty unique concert for a group of ten women this Christmas. All of whom were pregnant, and all were wearing a special device inside their vaginas.

Yes, you heard that right, these expecting mamas were all wearing a little Babypod gynaecological device in their special places! Created by Barcelona-based Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic Institut Marquès the speaker allow unborn babies to listen to music in the womb. You just have to insert one up your hoo-ha first. The device is essentially a speaker, worn like a musical tampon and connected to a smartphone. This gives us all the LOLS, but we'd totally try it.

The Babypod was made as the result of a study that proved babies can respond to a musical stimulus in utero by moving their little mouths. Studies say a foetus can hear from as early as 18 weeks.

The singer at the concert added, "I've never been performing for such a young audience so for me, it's a very special show!"

The speakers also help early foetal deafness screening as well as early neurological screening. Aside from that, though, it's a cool idea to know your unborn baby can listen to the same music as you and react in the womb. And you don't need to worry about blaring the latest Taylor Swift at baby's tiny ears, the volume is set to just 54 decibels, which is meant to sound like a hushed voice or a whisper. Headphones on your baby bump is so 2015 – what do you think?


Have a peek at the concert:

This is a recording of the foetus moving to the sound of intravaginal music.