Woman baffled after in-laws give her husband album with photos of his ex for Christmas 3 years ago

Woman baffled after in-laws give her husband album with photos of his ex for Christmas

A woman has been left baffled her in-laws gave her husband a photo album filled with pictures of his ex for Christmas.

She took to Reddit to ask if she was unreadable for being upset by the "very emotional" gift, which told her husband's story from the beginning.

"My husband and I have been married for seven years and have been together for eleven," she began. "We are still madly in love and recognised as a perfect match. They have never shown any kind of hostility towards me and they have been always very kind."

The album was only for her husband, she said, with a focus on him when he was younger. Although, she noted that there were still a lot of photos with his friends and his ex - and they even included a portrait of the ex on her own.

"I understand that she’s part his story and I’m not jealous at all," she said. "My husband’s older brother was given a similar photo album for himself and in that case it featured several pictures of his wife and his marriage. [He] got married before I met my husband.

"In my husband’s album there is even a single picture of my sister’ s wedding which they attended."

She said that she only appeared in one of the photos, "a picture featuring four people where my face is not even visible."

The woman said she was left "embarrassed" when she saw that, after going through the album page by page, she wasn't properly in any of the photos.


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"I didn’t say anything to them but now I can’t explain to myself," she added. "My husband didn't react either and now is struggling to find a justification."

She wondered if she should approach her in-laws about the album - or just what she should do in general.

Many Reddit users were in agreement that she was right to be hurt by the snub, although they advised her not to say anything to her in-laws.

"If his ex and friends were not in the album then I'd say they were just focusing on the immediate family. I feel like they really liked his ex," one person said.

"Who would add an entire photo on somebody's ex and not his wife? That sounds spiteful to me."

"Your husband needs to bring this up to them. Including a freaking portrait of an ex-girlfriend and not a single photo of his wife of seven years is not an accident," someone else added.

"And if it was an accident, any reasonable.person would recognise that it sure doesn't look like one..."