3 SUPER easy ways to wake up with perfect hair (yes, really) 1 year ago

3 SUPER easy ways to wake up with perfect hair (yes, really)

Please say it's not just us who dream of going to bed and just magically wake up the next morning with Disney princess (or, even better, Olivia Palermo) hair?!

I mean; instead of the current state of things where we have to wake up at the crack of dawn to allow enough time to wash, blow dry, straighten or curl – and even then there are days when our manes still don't look on point when we leave the house.

Well, fear not, ladies. We have rounded up some brilliant hair hacks that will help you get lovely locks while you snooze. (Because, really, we shouldn’t have to choose between getting enough sleep and looking gorgeous, should we now?)

1. Wake Up To Delicate Waves

If your hair doesn't hold curls all that well (I feel you, mamas!), try this trick instead: Add a little styling mousse (we love Redken Full Frame Volumizing Mousse) to damp hair. Then wrap your hair into four twisted buns; the idea being that the buns give a looser, more beachy wave than what leaving your hair in braids will do.

And remember; the smaller the bun, the tighter the wave.

Instructions via NY Mag.

2. Sleep Your Way To "Sock Bun" Waves

If your hair is fairly straight, and you are just looking for a little bit of volume but not a lot of curls, try a hair donut (or bun shaper).

All you do is put your slightly damp hair up in a big bun before you hit the pillow at night. Then, in the morning, tousle out the curls for lovely loose volume.

Instructions via Stylecaster.com

3. Snooze On Silk For The Softest Locks

If your hair is looking dry, lank and frizzy, you might want to swap your cotton pillow case for a silk one. As in, real silk. This might seem a little "princess-y", but trust us, it actually works.

Sleeping on silk will keep your hair naturally soft, moisturised and tangle-free, and can even extend the life of your blow dry by up to two whole days.

We love the Luna Pure Silk pillowcase from Cara Pharmacy.