3 unbelievably clever summer beauty tricks everyone should be armed with 11 months ago

3 unbelievably clever summer beauty tricks everyone should be armed with

Summer holidays are literally around the corner, mamas.

And we don't know about you, but we cannot wait for laszy days at the beach, dips in the pool and evening sipping on Aperol Spritzes under the palm trees.

Sounds good? We know. However, while summer is our favorite season for sure, there are some aspects of the hot weather that can really put a damper on our beauty routines. But, guys, if you’d rather “glow” than well, be a downright sweaty and frizzy mess, we have rounded up three seriously great summer beauty hacks you’ll want to memorize ASAP before you fly off on your holliers:

1. Use baby powder to clean sandy feet

You probably know by now that you (in a pinch) can use baby powder as dry shampoo to absorb excess oil from your scalp? Well, did you know this baby staple is also a bit of a hero when it comes to removing sand from your body and feet after a day at the beach?

Just sprinkle baby powder on your feet, legs, and anywhere else where you’ve got sand stuck to you, and the powder will absorb the moisture on your skin from sweat and salt water (which is what makes the sand stick to you) and you’ll be able to wipe all of the sand off immediately.

2. Use dry shampoo at night to keep your hair fresh

Look, we love dry shampoo as much as you do all year around, but did you know in the summer, you might want to change up your dry shampoo routine a little? Instead of applying it in the morning to fake clean hair, spritz it on your roots at night, to let the product absorb oil (and perspiration) throughout the night. And voila; you'll wake with fresh and bouncy strands, we promise.

3. Use chamomile tea to treat bikini line rash

Prone to those dreaded red bumps whenever you shave your bikini line? Yup, us too. However, you might want to try this trick before you hop into your swimsuit this holiday season: Steep a few bags of chamomile tea in hot water, then let them cool for about 15-20 minutes in the freezer. Lay the tea bags along your bikini line where you see a rash and let the calming effects of the herbs do their job.