5 outfits from Irish mum-run business Fayebella perfect for Communion season 3 years ago

5 outfits from Irish mum-run business Fayebella perfect for Communion season

I want them all.

Communion season is just around the corner and I am one of the hundreds of mums wondering 'what will I wear?'

The last few weeks I've been keeping my eyes peeled in the sales and online for something that's summery but still suits my style as well but nothing jumped out at me.

That was until I discovered Irish business Fayebella.

Run by mums Julie and Edel (and named after two of their daughters) Fayebella has it's finger on the pulse of what Irish mammies really want to wear.

There is no end to the gorgeous clothes in their website but here are five dresses that are my personal favourites.

1) Yondal Dress Dancing Leopard & Blue Floral - €20.70

The last little while it's all been about the print clash and I'm here for it.


This gorgeous dress which you could honestly wear for almost any occasion is currently on sale reduced from €69.00 to €20.70 so it's a real bargain.

2) Pink Polka Clash Colour Skirt - €24.50

Another gorgeous piece currently in their sale is this pink and black spotted skirt (paired with matching blouse) and it's giving me a lot of vintage vibes with it's classy silhouette.

3) Tilly Dress - €42.50

Maybe it's because I was watching Pretty In Pink recently but I just can't get enough of Fayebella's Tilly dress.

It's so girly, light and fun and absolutely screams spring/summer.


4)  Print Mix Wrap Dress - €69.00

You just can't go wrong with a good wrap dress as they are so flattering to just about every figure.

This dress is a brand new arrival and is once again right on trend with it's eclectic mix of prints.

5) Silk effect Gold Tea Dress - €40.00

If you want something just that little bit more formal this golden dress is a winner in my book.

Very chic and elegant and for only €40.00 you really can't go wrong.