8 (tried & tested) beauty buys to suit 8 different jobs 6 years ago

8 (tried & tested) beauty buys to suit 8 different jobs

It's tricky settling into a new skin routine when you are busy, or have just started a new job. A break out is always such a pain, banishing dry skin can be tough and don't get me started on oily skin issues. UGH.

Stay on top of your skin game with these 8 strategic beauty buys:

1. Mum who looks washed-out 

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You need Touche Eclat foundation in two similar shades by YSL, to give you a lift and that subtle sun-kissed look.

Why? Colours BR20 and BR40 combined will create the perfect makeup application if you are a pale to medium skin tone. Begin in the middle of your face: use the lighter shade on the nose, forehead and each side of the nose. Mix the darker and lighter shade on your palm before applying the products to the sides of your face. Then, simply blend any lines out. Swap BR40 for BR50 if you have a more yellow tone to your skin and follow the same procedure - I've been doing this for years.

How much? €36

2. Office gal who lives in front of a computer

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You need Seaweed Eye Gel by Green Angel to brighten up those panda circles.

Why? Ruthless early mornings that have no respect for us - yeah, I hate them too. Get this beautifying eye gel and never suffer puffiness, again. The seaweed has a tightening effect, and the Aloe Vera heals the skin to support collagen production. Simple as.

How much? €20

3. Designer who needs a break out buster 

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You need Neostrata Exfoliating Face Wash especially if your face is always resting on your hands as you mull over your next project.

Why? It exfoliates without over-drying and stimulates cell renewal. If your skin is rough and dull or if you have enlarged pores – incorporate this into your evening skin routine once or twice a week. I also dot a little onto any new spot that appears and leave it overnight. Trust me, it works.

How much? €30


4. Teacher who's cooped up in a stuffy classroom with air conditioning on full blast 

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You need Skin Recovery Cream from Avéne if you are working indoors all the time with the AC on full.

Why? This skin recovery cream will protect and soothe the skin and is perfect for even the most irritable or hypersensitive skin types (and personality types!). It contains no parabens or preservatives, and the main ingredient is thermal spring water. Ehm, yes please.

How much? €22

4. Stressed out production gal who can't get rid of blemishes

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You need Úna Brennan Overnight Repair Capsules to keep your skin at its optimum.


Why? London's best kept beauty secret [Úna] has created these babies. They are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants to promote instant brightening of the skin. Even when you feel stretched to the hilt with a busy work schedule, your skin will feel energised, even if you don't. Better still? The capsules work while you sleep - the very definition of a beauty sleep.

How much? €30

5. Writer who's radiance is sapped from agonising over the ending

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You need Ritzy Spritzy by Voya Organic Skincare to give you a quick-fix of moisture.

Why? It cools, soothes, tones and hydrates and can sometimes be all you need in the run up to a frustrating deadline. The essential oils provide instant freshness and this product is also surprisingly calming for the mind, in my experience. Use it during a long flight, it's like an insta-facial. Yep, fact.

How much? €26

6. The woman who spends most of her time in the outdoors


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You need Alpha H Protection Plus Factor 5o to beat the signs of ageing.

Why? It's Australia's leading salon brand centred on the use of fruit extract. If you are looking for fast results from a product that is good for anti-ageing, sun damage or skin sensitivity - this is a winner in my book. The pomegranate and mango seed butter ingredients will provide you with an ultra feminine scent whether you are on a construction site or inside a pub smoking-area. Go on you ride.

How much? €45

7. Chef who can't get her make-up to stay on

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You need Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder to seal your make up in place while toiling over steaming pots

Why? If you simply can't get your makeup to sit and stay on your skin because it's so goddamn oily or you work in a hot environment, this may restore your sanity. The powder corrects surface redness, dreaded pink undertones and the texture is extremely fine. Amazingly, a dusting of this powder over even a tinted moisturiser can keep it in place.


How much? €24

8. And not forgetting... the gal who hates her job 

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For you Ziaja Marine Active Firming Cream to make you feel youthful and ready for a new start.

Why? It's within budget so even if you can't afford to be dealing with the stress of it all, you can still afford to look amazing. The marine algae extract promotes renewal of elastin in the skin which in turn keeps it taught and firm in all the right places (like the neck). I love the fact that it's specifically for the 30+ age-group. Not old, but old enough to want to take the necessary precautions. Big love for Ziaja.

How much? €7 (I know, right.)

In a particular profession and need some advice on how to keep you skin fit? Mail: karen.forde@herfamily.ie