9 Gorgeous Gifts For Spoiling Pregnant Mates And Missuses This Christmas 5 years ago

9 Gorgeous Gifts For Spoiling Pregnant Mates And Missuses This Christmas

Being pregnant at Christmas means you miss out on all the cocktails (and most of the decent cheese) but you do get the best gift of all once the wait is over. 

In the meantime, there are some special items that are sure to thrill the mum-to-be in your life during the nine-month build-up. Focus on items that soothe the body and mind, satisfy cravings and boost and brighten the complexion.

Here are seven suggestions for under the tree...

1. For Morning Sick Mamas-To-Be

A natural remedy for morning sickness, this aromatherapy pulse pointer by Vital Touch contains organic peppermint, ginger and bergamot essential oils to help stimulate the appetite. Apply to wrists and inhale deeply whenever required. €10.23, Vital Touch


2. For The Fashionista

Pregnant and proud? Congratulations! If you are just past your first scan and want to tell the world or just someone who might not know yet then this off-the-shoulder jumper by Malcolm and Gerald is for you! Best of all you can personalise the jumper with your baby's due date on the back. €43 here.



3. For The Foodie With Cravings

Pregnancy cravings come in all shapes and sizes, but we all know the classics: sweet, salty, and of course, pickles. This gift has everything she needs to satisfy those cravings: two jars of handmade pickles, sweet chocolate bars and salty snacks to munch on. And of course everything is natural without any artificial ingredients. Give in. From €32.70 at Craved.


4. For The Glam Goddess

Lipstick, like shoes, always fits, no matter what the rest of your body is doing. A shade inspired by the runway, Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder's 'Chilean Sunset' lipstick is an orange-based red that will instantly brighten your complexion. It's designed to glide on weightlessly, delivering rich, matte color. €43 here.


5. For The Beauty Buff's Bump

Clarins' adorable New Beginnings Maternity Kit is a real treat for for moms-to-be. It includes four skin-nurturing formulas for pre-and post-pregnancy —plus a soft little bunny blankie for baby.
There's a full-size Stretch Mark Minimizer and Tonic Body Treatment Oil and travel size
Energizing Emulsion and Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel. €59 at Brown Thomas.



6. For The Hostess With the Mostest

Whether abstaining for nine months, detoxing or anticipating a fresh head the morning after, the Mocktail Manual is an essential compendium. Covering a range of options, from the healthy to the downright delicious sans alcohol, an array of recipes are accompanied by vintage-style illustrations. €12, Brown Thomas.


7. For Snug Bugs 

The YUYU Bottle is the world’s first luxury LONG hot water bottle. That means you can snuggle the full length of your body or back on its cosy warmth! Invented by UK entrepreneur Richard Yu, it's available at CA Design, where you'll find them dressed in beautiful Mongolian cashmere, decorated with Mother of Pearl buttons and wrapped in gold-silver flecked tissue paper, from €95.


8. For Sleeping Beauties

There is nothing more enticing than an early night when you're growing a baby, so why not get her something to make her bedroom more luxurious than ever? Designed by the ever-innovative Dragon's Den star Ramona Nicholas, the Luna by Cara silk pillowcase counteracts the effects of ageing, as well as preventing sleep lines and crease marks. That means your favourite mum-to-be can nap to her heart's content without worrying about how her sleeping position is affecting her face. Silk is a natural hypoallergenic, which makes the Luna pillow case a perfect choice for severe asthma and allergy suffers too. €39 from Cara Pharmacy.

9. For Yummy Mummies

Pregnancy makes everything exhausting and there isn't a mum-to-be who wouldn't rather have a nap than blow dry, brush and straighten their hair. InStyler's new Straightening Brush produces smooth, frizz-free, straight styled gruaig in half the time it usually takes to create a decent 'do. It even uses less heat than normal straighteners, meaning your hair will be in better condition if you make the trade. €69.99 here.


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