Aldi is selling a heated dressing gown – and we'll race you there 1 year ago

Aldi is selling a heated dressing gown – and we'll race you there

Suddenly we don't mind the fact it is still winter anymore.

Is there anything cosier than taking off your clothes at the end of the day and stepping into your pj's and your dressing gown? Or, on the weekend, just lounging around in it for hours, never even bothering to get dressed until you absolutely have to?

We think not.

And guys – this whole scenario just got a major upgrade by the fact that Aldi is now selling a heated dressing gown.

Meet the Kirkton House Heated Coat, Aldi's most brilliant new middle aisle buy that we reckon you are going to have to act fast to get your hands on if you want one.

The soft flannel fleece dressing gown comes in two colours: grey and cream, both of which are machine washable.


There are nine temperature levels and nine timer steps up to 90 minutes, all of which can be selected by a digital controller.

There’s also a detachable lead cable and hand controller unit, meaning you don’t even need to move to get yourself feeling toasty, and it comes with overheating protection so all you need to do just chill out and enjoy.

In the UK, the heated dressing gowns retail for just £34.99, and while we have yet to confirm a price Ireland, let's just agree it will be worth every penny, considering you'll definitively be saving on your heating bills!