Brides Share Their Biggest Wedding Planning Regret 4 years ago

Brides Share Their Biggest Wedding Planning Regret

I'm not married yet (g'wan the living in sin), but by the time December 2016 rolls around, I will be.

Therefore, I am on the hunt for tips and pieces of advice.

How do we do it without any stress? How do we plan a perfect day for our friends and family?







The advice has varied from 'Do it your own way', to 'Elope!', from 'Don't have a big wedding' to 'It's your one big day - have the biggest wedding ever!'

Obviously, you don't want to look back on your wedding day with any major regrets, right?



Well, these ladies from had one or two things that they wish they'd done differently:

1. Not specifying who's invited on the RSVP card (cue thousands of strangers at your wedding)

"Although it was written on the envelope, we had numerous people add on significant others we didn't even know existed and children that we've never met before. My parents wouldn't let us un-invite them because they thought this was rude." —Bridget, 29

2. Doing without a wedding planner (Franc, where are you?)

"My biggest regret is not listening to my instincts to hire a wedding planner. Don't get me wrong, my wedding was beautiful, but being a perfectionist, there were minor details that were missing. For example, the music I walked down the aisle to wasn't cued on time. I would encourage brides to a least get a day-of planner who can make sure last minute things are handled properly." —Whitney, 32

3. Trying to please everyone else (AKA 'Being Irish')

"I was so worried about doing things the way our parents wanted them done that I didn't speak up and really explain the things that were important to me. I ended up with a beautiful wedding that didn't feel authentic to me. Looking back, I wish our wedding reflected mine and my husband's personalities and not our parents'." —Kim, 33


4. Not hiring a videographer (What were your vows again?)

"We splurged on a top-notch photographer and opted not to hire a videographer for budget concerns. After the once in a lifetime night was over though, I was so sad to know that I wouldn't have the opportunity to relive any of those special moments again. I now recommend to everyone I know to make sure they somehow capture some of the event via video." —Nicole, 32

5. Trying to save money on the cake (Cheese board, anyone?)

"We hired an inexperienced baker and wound up with a cake that was entirely too small for my 300+ guests. It was not only too small; it was awful! Dry, bland, and gritty. Word to the wise, don't skimp on the cake budget. Go with a baker who knows what they are doing. It's worth every penny!" —Heidi, 38

Do you have any regrets or tips from your wedding that you could share with a bride to be? Let us know in the comments on Facebook.