BumpStyle: 3 Maternity-Friendly Wedding Outfits for For UNDER €100 4 years ago

BumpStyle: 3 Maternity-Friendly Wedding Outfits for For UNDER €100

Wedding season is upon us, and if you, like me, are lumbering around looking like an egg on legs, then you may also be frequently wondering just what the hell to wear to formal occasions when you've basically got a beach ball up your top.

Step (or waddle) this way fellow preggo babes, we've put together three outfits for less than €100 that'll see you through the nuptial season.

3 Maternity-Friendly Wedding Outfits for For UNDER €100:

1. The Demure Shift Dress

Preggo level: This number will take you from nought to hittin' the Gaviscon – maybe around the 30-week mark you may need something a little more voluminous (see below for options).

This shift dress is easy to glam up for a wedding-appropriate gúna and will also be perfect for the office with flats. Personally, I'm finding heels near impossible during gestation. Any pair I try seem to make me look a bit ridiculous, like Miss Piggy teetering around on spindly little heels that look like they're about to snap under the weight of me at any minute. I'm finding wedges are a way safer bet when there's a baby on board.


Necklace, €9.99 at New Look; Dress, €59.95 at Mango; Shoes €24.00 at H&M; Bag, €8 at Penneys.

2. The Bohemian Behemoth

Preggo Level: From early bloating to the crowning portion of the event.

The romantic lace and flowing skirt make for a gorgeous slightly boho take on wedding style. It's comfortable and also shows off the legs.


Bag €8 at Penneys; Dress, €39.95 at Zara; Shoes, €50 at River Island.

3. The Electric Eclectic

Preggo level: From the Sperm Whale look (THIS, no joke, is The Man's pet name for me at the moment) to lactating legend – this relaxed top and trouser combo will even work beyond pregnancy for any mamas nursing at a wedding – just wear a vest underneath et voila! Instant nursing top.

This look gives Seventies vibes a modern update. The platform of these heels will make them that bit more wearable for the gestator, while this flowing top and elasticated trousers leave lots of room for expansion.


Trousers €25.95 at Mango; Top €55 at River Island; Shoes €16 at Penneys.