You can now buy scented stickers designed for your face mask – for a fresh smell 2 years ago

You can now buy scented stickers designed for your face mask – for a fresh smell

Well worth €10, we think.

A well-known French apothecary brand has created the world's first (we think!) scented sticker designed to go inside your face mask –to 'lighten up the atmosphere behind your mask.'

According to the Officine Universelle Buly À Paris website, their new face mask stickers have notes of peppermint combined with refreshing lemon and eucalyptus to provide an uplifting aromatic experience, and honestly, after almost a year of mask-wearing, we think we need them.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," the product description reads.

"Officine Universelle Buly could no longer tolerate how Spring was denied access to the air stuck behind our masks. Faces squeezed inside the blue or white protective layer, breathing and suffering in silence, counting every minute separating them from freedom. Deprived of the most fundamental environmental right: the right to a healthy atmosphere. Extensive research has led Officine Universelle Buly to design Scented Stickers to provide a bit of fresh and perfumed air. The only rule: one mask, one sticker."



The Autocollants Odoriférants Pour Masques, (In English: Scented Stickers for Masks) are made to be worn on the outside of your mask, simply to provide a fresh scent and for behind your face mask.

Here is what the website says about how they should be used:

"Apply one sticker only on the outer side of your mask. Leave the sticker on for a maximum of 6 hours depending on the type of mask. Single-use only."

Sounds clever? We know!

Even better? They ship here for just a small fee, and an eight-pack of scented stickers retail for just €10.

I mean; even if you don't get one for yourself (which, you should, we reckon), imagine what a perfect little gift for someone else there are?