Cosy and traditional – we have taken a sneak peek at what's coming into Ikea next month 2 years ago

Cosy and traditional – we have taken a sneak peek at what's coming into Ikea next month

Embracing the darker season!

If you are feeling more than ready to embrace all things autumn, from cosying up at home with hot chocolate, to hitting up your local pumpkin patch or cooking up some stew for the family, you are in the right frame of mind for the latest collection coming into Ikea.

The October drop is inspired by Dutch master painters and really sets the mood for the darker season with traditional styles and earthy colours.

There is also a big focus on storage in the new collection, recognizing, no doubt, that many of us are on an organising buzz ever since lockdown, and yearn to live in homes that are tidy, well planned out and full of clever storage. We are especially excited about the new storage- and sleep solutions for kids' rooms, designed to grow with your child.

As well as this, we are loving the baskets and mirrors made from natural fibres – perfect for adding some texture and warmth to your home.

Here are some of the news we are feeling most excited to check out:

The Hauga is a new storage series made in a traditional style that combines open and closed storage.

There are chests of drawers, cabinets, a sideboard, TV bench, wardrobes and upholstered bed frames. The Hauga series is designed with attention to details and alignment between the units, to make them look neat when put together.


The new Hauga sideboard can be used across the home. With a scratch-resistant surface, it’s great for storing glass, plates or pots and pans.

The brand new Småstad children's storage- and sleep system has been developed with the child’s need and perspective as the starting point, giving the child possibilities to play and interact with the pieces thanks to clever age-specific accessories and functionalities.

We love how the new pull-out units make storage easier and more accessible, also for small children. The solutions that include a loft bed, changing table/desk, wardrobes, drawers and shelves can grow with the child thanks to the many possibilities to mix and match the different fronts. You can also add a different personality through a variety of handles and hooks in the range.

Different fronts, including a blackboard one, make it possible to personalise the Småstad series, while a pull-out unit gives easy access to clothes when getting dressed.

Autumn calls for cosy lighting in our homes, and the new Solklint lamps at Ikea are designed to appear like a jewel placed on the wall or hanging from the ceiling,


The decorative lamps are made in clear grey glass and shiny brass, and whether as a pendant, table, wall or ceiling lamp, they all spread a diffused warm mood light that creates shadows on the wall.

All these long, cool evenings call for cosy nights in, and what is better than to ask friends and family around for a home-cooked meal?

The new Upplaga dinnerware will help you set the table with a traditional feel. The pieces are made of porcelain and have a rural, rustic design.

You can obviously go call out with this series for your table, or, even better, mix and match with pieces you already own for that bohemian, eclectic look.

We can never have too many baskets, and right now, we are loving the new Lustigkurre series at Ikea.

Made by natural nipa palm stalk fibre, the baskets are sustainable and unique, and by purchasing these products, you are also benefitting the communities where the material is sourced.

Other baskets in the series are made from jute, seagrass, bamboo and water hyacinth.