How to de-clutter your home (properly) 5 years ago

How to de-clutter your home (properly)

Free of clutter, free of mind. If you can manage to stick to this motto, you'll have space to breathe in the evening without housework and to-do lists taking the space that Netflix and wine normally occupy.

We all hoard SO much stuff that doesn't get worn or used. It's time for a spring clear-out so that, come next week, you'll feel cleansed of mind and all delira with yerself.

You can do it! And this is how:

1. Write 'the list' to beat all lists

This is a two-column, one-way list, that will detail what you regularly use in the house and what you rarely use. Do it room-by-room and remember to ask yourself for every item "do I REALLY need this?". Time to break out the black bags and start sorting into piles: charity shops, clothes recycling, bric-a-brac – be realistic about what you need and don't need. Don't forget the kitchen, do you really use all those cookbooks, espresso cups, that growing collection of jars and that IKEA sink cover?

declutter notes

2. Fill some boxes 

Be ruthless. Throw all the basic fashion and accessories staples that go with everything into one box – we're talking all grey tops, neutral-coloured clothes, anything that transcends the seasons. If any of these are thread-bare, stained, or you haven't worn them in years, toss them. Now, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Ask yourself how long it has been since you wore a particular piece; if it's still in good condition, think of people less well-off than you who could benefit from your forgotten frock.

Woman Donation Clothes


3. Feng shui your home

Shoes and scarves strewn around the hall or living space are a source of bad energy. Time for a tidy-up! Our favourite Feng Shui component for de-cluttering the home is to get nifty organisational solutions. Get a large coffee table in the living room with a secret compartment to conceal all magazines, books and TV remotes. Buy some colour-coded boxes for toys and enlist the help of the kids to help you sort through everything. Pop unwanted toys and books in a charity bag – cleanse your wardrobe, your home and your mind.

feng shui

4. Teach your children about the act of charity-giving

Get them in on the action. Explain how other children will benefit from their unwanted toys and clothes. Make a big weekend clear-out an exiting task for you to do together. Not only will this teach them the art of giving and the real meaning of generosity, but you get to clear out all the things that pile up in their rooms unwanted and unworn. A clear-out with a conscience.

Mother and Daughter Donating

5. Master the hanger trick

After you have dealt with the non-essentials – you can now get your clothing collection in tip-top shape. All hanging items should be placed in the wardrobe facing in one direction. After you use them, pop them on the hanger again and turn it the other way. This really works – if the hangers are not turned within a few months, it's time to donate. A three-month benchmark should do the trick. Do it!


Hangers with clothes

6. The rule of 12

Pick twelve things to donate, to return to their original home, and twelve things to throw away. This is a clever option when it comes to the kitchen, living room and bedroom items.

Mommy's little helper

7. Ask the awkward question

If I bought this now how much would I be willing to pay? If it's not much then should you consider getting rid of it? The answer is YES.

Thinking of those in need

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