Dry and brittle hair? We have found the ONE hair product every woman needs 3 years ago

Dry and brittle hair? We have found the ONE hair product every woman needs

Love this.

If you have just been pregnant and your hair is feeling all sorts of brittle and weak, – or if you are a fan of colouring your hair has taken a beating, we have found the product that will literally change your life (and by life we mean hair).

Say hello to Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Cream – one of the most effective hair products we have ever tried and tested by miles.

Hair, like our skin, needs nourishment and hydration to look its best, but while many are religious about applying creams and serums and masks to ensure our skin doesn't dry out, few of us remember (or bother) to do the same with our hair.

The result? Tired, frizzy, brittle hair that breaks easily and has long since lost its lustre.


Sounds familiar? Well, then you need the new Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Cream – a kind of wonder balm that will leave your locks soft, smooth, shiny in no time. Designed to be used as a styling leave-in treatment (or midday touch-up), this fluid cream weightlessly absorbs into strands to add instant luster to your hair.

As well as act as a bit of a Cinderella product, instantly making your tresses look better, the cream also helps prevent breakage, dryness and frizz and works to restore the supple softness your hair is missing.

All you need to do is apply to dry or damp hair, and voila; shinier, stronger, prettier hair in an instant.

Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Cream retails for around €30 and is available from Space NK and Lookfantastic.com