The €12 'miracle' oil that can help make your hair grow SO much faster 5 months ago

The €12 'miracle' oil that can help make your hair grow SO much faster

Long, swishy, reality-starlet hair tops many of our wish lists, no?

And if you, like me, can't seem to get your hair to grow much at all (it takes forever to get mine to even grown an inch, it seems), we think you are going to be as excited about testing this new method as we are. What it will take? Just a bottle of castor oil apparently.

Yup, you heard us: Castor oil.

If you don't know, castor oil is a natural seed-pressed oil that up until now has mainly been known for being used as a laxative (yes, really) – but this little hard-working oil has more tricks up its sleeve, by the looks of it.

So move over, coconut oil, there is a new kid in town.


As for how it can help your hair, castor oil is chock-a-block with monounsaturated fat, which are often used in beauty products, as it is great when used to help maintain moisture levels. Used in your hair, castor oil will increases circulation in the scalp to promote hair growth, as well as treat split ends and feel lovely when used as a hair mask to strengthen and moisturize your hair.

As well as promoting growth, castor oil can also contribute to your hair getting thicker, as the omega-9 fatty acids will help control water loss in hair and make hair more pliable.

If you can, leave it in overnight for a real treat for your hair before rinsing it out again in the morning.

The best news? Castor oil is avaiable from all healthfood stores nationswide and cost in the region of €10-€12.