Easy DIY project: Turn an old chest-of-drawers into this ombre beauty 1 year ago

Easy DIY project: Turn an old chest-of-drawers into this ombre beauty

The ombre hair trend had its hey-dey a couple of years back (thanks, Kardashians!). But did you know it is not only your tresses that can be given the multi-tone make-over?

We found this amazingly cute ombre dresser over on Projectnursery.com, and are now mentally giving our entire houses a bit of an ombre treatment.

This dresser in question (PERFECT for a little girls' room I am sure you'll all agree?? Or boys even, if you just switch the colour scheme a little!) was a DIY project, and so easy peasy to do that we are certain even the most paintbrush challenged of us can manage to copy it.


Here is how:

This is what you need:

1 chest of drawers (the taller and more drawers it has, the more of an ombre effect you will get - naturally)

I can of white chalk paint

1 can of coloured chalk paint

Plastic cups

Paint brush(es)


Here is how you do it:

The first step is to create your colors. In this case, the dresser has five drawers, so five different shades were created, including the original color on the bottom drawer.

Next, pour a little bit of your colored paint into plastic cups. Then add white to each cup to lighten the color. Add (1) tablespoon to the first cup then increase the white paint by one tablespoon for each consecutive cup (first cup one tbsp, second cup two tbsp, etc.).


Note: You may have to adjust the amount of white paint you use depending on how much colored paint you need to cover the drawer and how much contrast you want between drawers.It might be a good idea to test each color and allow it to dry before completing the entire drawer.

Now it’s time to paint. Once you have the colors mixed, pull the drawers out and paint the front of each one.


Once you have all the drawers completed, paint the frame. Here white was chosen, but you can also add a different color to really make it pop.

Now all you have to do is wait until it dries before you can pop it into place and fill it with clothes, toys or whatever else you need to contain in (beautifully painted) drawers! Officially. Ombre. Obsessed.


Did this inspire you to do some DIY of your own? Or have you any great childrens' rooms DIY projects you would like to share with us? Please send me an e-mail at: Trine.Jensen@HerFamily.ie