The engagement ring trend that's going to be everywhere in 2019 4 months ago

The engagement ring trend that's going to be everywhere in 2019

Expert predicts the surprising engagement ring trend that's going to be huge in 2019.

You're probably familiar with halo diamond rings but they're getting a whole new lease of life this year with all kinds of creative styles.

Yes, the halo setting that has been a major hit in recent times is being revamped this year and instead of the traditional round design, you can incorporate lace edging or geometric shapes.

This is a must if you're looking for a statement engagement ring and want to veer away from the traditional styles including the timeless diamond solitaire.

According to jewellery expert Tanya Dukes, these "imaginative" halo settings are beautiful because they work "to complement the uniqueness of natural diamonds".

See below for examples of the latest engagement ring trend.

Chatting to Insider, Tanya explained:

"A fancy-cut stone is a great choice if you want your engagement ring to "make the biggest impression possible."

This works really well because as Tanya highlights, "large, natural diamonds" are becoming increasingly rare.

However, that's not the only engagement ring trend getting attention at the moment.

The idea of using birthstones in lieu of diamonds for the all-important ring is also getting a lot of love.

May's stone, the emerald, is proving most popular on Etsy. This is followed by sapphires (associated with September) and then opals (October).

You can even merge both trends as demonstrated by this statement ring.