This genius new device is about to make you quit ironing FOREVER (yes, really) 1 year ago

This genius new device is about to make you quit ironing FOREVER (yes, really)

If you detest ironing as much as I do, this is for you.

Confession: I only iron stuff that really needs to be ironed (as in; you'll never find me ironing socks or pyjamas!), so we are for most part talking shirts, pants and dresses.

However; I have always hated the debacle ironing is, the ordeal of getting the iron and ironing board out, the mind-numbingly dull talk for standing there and trying to flatten out every crease and fold, never getting it to look just right – and that is despite my best efforts.

However; I recently went ahead and tossed my iron in the bin (and by bin I mean delivered it for electrical recycling, obvs.)

Why? Because I treated myself to a steamer.

Specifically a Steamery Stockholm steamer – which as well as taking care of all the clothes I need to get creases out of also looks so incredibly sleek and minimal my design-loving heart almost skipped a beat when I openend the box it arrived in.

I mean; just take a look: Isn't it smart looking?

But, as we all know, looks can only get you so far, so I had to make sure my little steamer also delivered when it came to sorting my wrinkled clothes out.

And guys – I am converted.

This super-light little hand-steamer not only heats up in no-time (25 seconds according to the box), it also weighs just 590 gram – meaning it is ideal not only for use at home, but also perfect for slipping in your suitcase when you're travelling and want to look the part.

I actually found that when it came to shirts and dresses, I got the job done so much quicker with this hand steamer than with an iron – and the bonus is that I could steam them as they were hanging on their hanger, and just slip them straight into the wardrobe after, no folding needed.

Testing it on a linen dress I have that famously is a nightmare to get creases out of with an iron, the Steamery steamer just glided over the fabric and smoothed it out in one swift swipe.

And guys, for the time and palaver I am saving, the £ 110 price tag was so worth it.