Got some creative little ones at home? Dealz has just launched a massive new arts and crafts range 10 months ago

Got some creative little ones at home? Dealz has just launched a massive new arts and crafts range

Need something to keep the kids busy at home before schools start back?

How about some arts and crafts – the perfect activity when the weather is a little too wet to go out.

Some good news for all of us with craft kids at home – Dealz has just revealed a massive new arts and crafts range, and has revealed that more store-space in their stores is about to be dedicated to painting, knitting and crafts – as these hobbies’ popularity has grown during the past year and a half of lockdowns.

The bargain retailer's new range of top-notch painting supplies will satisfy the growing demand as we all found new ways to entertain ourselves over the past 18 months.

The good news? Painting is a great way to relax and do something creative, while also helping mental health and well-being.

The new art range from Dealz extends to nearly 100 items, including oil, watercolour and acrylic paints, oil pastels, brushes, pencils, palette, paper, stretched canvases and sketchbooks, as well as botanical and landscape painting sets, from leading artists materials brand Simply, by Daler-Rowney.”

The store has seen sales of adult craft items more than double over the past year, the fastest-growing category in arts and craft products.


Dealz Country Manager of Retail, Olivia McLoughlin, said:

“Millions of people have found painting is a great way to chill and we’ve created our widest range of artists’ materials for those who want to take up the hobby or brush up their canvas technique.

“Who knows, the next Banksy or David Hockney might get their inspiration from visiting their local Dealz store.”

And for anyone who has fallen in love with knitting lately, Dealz also has a great selection of yarn and knitting needles in stock.

The new art range at Dealz is part of an extended arts and crafts range that includes kids’ art, such as pencils, felt pens and colouring books, from leading brand Crayola, new yarn and haberdashery items including wools, yarns and knitting needles, and a wider range of craft materials including ribbons, tissue paper, glitter, cards and envelopes.