This hair colour is set to be HUGE this year – and we can see why 4 years ago

This hair colour is set to be HUGE this year – and we can see why

Ready to change up your look a little for spring right about now?

Then let us introduce you to the hair colour that is currently trending in the US – and will no doubt make its way over here very shortly.

Say hello to mushroom brown hair – and don't worry, it's a lot prettier than it sounds.

According to Southern Living, we should all be asking our hairdressers for 'mushroom brown' – as in the ashy gray-brown tint of, say, the portobello mushroom.

In hairdresser talk, that means a multi-dimensional hair shade gets its rich blended color from an ashy base, layered with highlights and lowlights.

Something like this:

Or, indeed, this:


Note: To get the perfect earthy tint you are looking for, you want to stick with only cool to neutral brown and blonde shades.

And the best bit is that there are many ways to achieve this dreamy hair color, much depending on the shade of your natural hair color. Typically, hair experts say, mushroom brown hair is attained by incorporating a toned base with darkened lowlights and ashy brown highlights.

Oh, and you can customize away to your  heart's content with this colour too, meaning you can achieve a colour almost unique to you.

The best part? The ashy undertones conceal grays like a pro! So, if you’re looking to cover some grays, mushroom brown is definitely a a good hair color choice to consider.