Hair coming out in clumps? I discovered the ONE product that actually helps 1 year ago

Hair coming out in clumps? I discovered the ONE product that actually helps

Winter weather, stress and especially hormonal changes, like having a baby, can really wreak havoc on our hair.

When we are pregnant and give birth, our bodies go through a lot of changes.

Our hormones are trying to return to normal after almost 10 months of pregnancy, you are recovering from giving birth, you are leaking from pretty much everywhere. And on top of that, for many of us, we are also finding that our hair is literally coming out in clumps.

To me, this didn't really happen so much after my first baby, when my hair remained in its glossy and thick pregnancy state for long after she was born. Feeling smug, I assumed this would also be the case after baby #2, but boy; was I wrong.

In fact; I was barely home from hospital with him when I found that almost every surface in the house seemed to be covered in my hairs. The shower drain, my hairbrush, everywhere just seemed to serve me with a visual reminder that my hair was literally falling out en masse.

Eventually, it stopped, thank God – and I know many experts say we are actually not losing any more hair than what we would have normally lost the months we were pregnant anyway, but still; I found it very much took its toll on my confidence and wellbeing in those first few months, having to worry about how much hair I was actually going to be left with when this all settled down.

For many, it can be winter, their health or even just the sheer fact that we are getting older than can leave hair prone to thinning, breaking and falling out.

But no matter the reason, Kérastase has developed a haircare range with a number of products, specifically created to treat weakened hair that is prone to falling out – in other words; perfect for post-partum hair.

Kérastase Genesis


Kérastase Genesis is a new range of products designed to help combat dual causes of hair-fall in women and is really a product women have been waiting for for a long time. There are so many products out there to treat hair loss in men, but so few that are specifically aimed at women, with both textures and fragrances that are appealing to us.

According to Kérastase, there are two main reasons why women experience hair fall, either because strands are lost from the root as part of the hair's growth cycle, or because the hair is weakened from external factors (styling, pollution etc.) and breaks in the middle, creating thinner, weaker hair overall. With breakage, the hair is still growing from the bulb, but daily exposure to external aggressors can trigger inflammation at the follicle as well.

No matter the type of hair fall you have, the new Genesis range can help and will contribute to stronger, thicker hair with more resilience to both types of hair fall.

I have tested the products lately, and my winter-dry hair, which always, without fail, is prone to breakage and fall out this time a year, now feels nourished, softer and I genuinely saw a lot fewer hairs on my brush and on my clothing over the past week, after having used the Kérastase Genesis products. The mask is such a treat  – and is now my new favourite Sunday night tradition. The super-rich formula intensely nourishes, detangles and is enriched with the combination of Edelweiss Native Cells and Ginger Root, which are known to help strengthen the fibres of the hair to avoid breaking.

There is also a brand new and really groundbreaking serum in the range, the Fortifant Anti-Chute, which is designed to act as a shot to apply during peaks of hair fall. The jelly-like formula will then re-anchor the hair follicle into the scalp while providing optimal environment for future growth. The formula also soothes and decreases itchiness by reinforcing the natural protective barrier of the scalp.