These Irish-made gift boxes are the perfect way to let a friend know you are thinking of them 1 year ago

These Irish-made gift boxes are the perfect way to let a friend know you are thinking of them

We all miss spending time with family and friends at this stage.

And now, facing into weeks of more and tighter restrictions again, I think we can all do with spreading a little care and kindness to those around us. Lord knows we all need it now.

Which is why we are loving this gorgeous new range of gift boxes from the Irish Design Shop on Drury Street, made for customers to send their favourite Irish self-care and homeware treats to friends and family.

Featuring unique, expertly crafted, sustainable products, there are two different themes of Self Care/Wellness and Coffee/Homewares, and three gift boxes within each theme ranging from €50 - €150. The wellness gift boxes include the ‘Self Care Kit’ €50, ‘Permission to Pause Pack’ €100 and the ‘Comforting Collection’ €150. Homewares gift boxes are the ‘Hug in a Mug’ €50, ‘Housewarming Hugs’ €100 and ‘Home Comforts’ €150.

Products included in the self-care boxes include Sea Remedies Bath Salts, Oxmantown Body Care products, Bogcotton Candles, Soap and Lipbalm, Mungo Murphy seaweed bag facemask, Wool Socks and Dunbeacon Soap Dish. The homewares boxes include Farmhouse Coffee, Caroline Doran or Rosemarie Durr coffee cups, a wooden coffee scoop, Áras felt placemats, Áras chopping board, Ferguson’s Tea Towel and Harry’s Nut Butter.

“During the lockdown period, we got a lot of requests from customers who wanted to send a gift to a friend or family member to let them know that they were thinking of them," Clare of the Irish Design Shop explains.


"People were obviously spending more time at home so we chose a selection of our most popular products that would be a treat for themselves in their own home. Following on from the lockdown period we have expanded the gift boxes to create a set of wellness or homecare products which are a lovely treat for a special occasion such as a birthday or of course the upcoming gifting season."

The Irish Design Shop Gift Boxes are available from

Full list of products and prices below.

Self-Care / Wellness Sets 

Self-Care kit (€50)

Everyone deserves a little relaxation these days.
Send a little moment of calm to a loved one so they can light a candle, draw a bath and indulge themselves in a little self-care at home. 

This box contains the following items:
Mungo Murphy's Seaweed Bag, Brookfield Farm Beeswax Candles, Mungo Murphy's Seaweed Facemask, Dunbeacon Pottery Soap Dish, Bogcotton Soap. 


Permission to Pause pack (€100)

A home-spa kit to send to someone special.
All of the essentials needed to spend an evening of pampering at home, soaking in a bath of soothing bath-salts with a relaxing scented candle burning and getting cosy in a pair of organic wool socks allowing a beautiful body lotion soak in. 

This box contains the following items:
Sea Remedies Bath Salts, Oxmantown hand & body lotion, Bogcotton candle, Bogcotton Lip Balm, Organic Wool socks, Sea Remedies Soap. 

Comforting Collection (€150)

A hamper for health and wellness at home.
A gift for someone who deserves a bit of indulgence. The most comforting lavender oil will relieve and relax while Irish bath salts and seaweed soap will cleanse and calm. A beautiful handmade soap dish will look great by any sink while the lambswool hand-warmers will keep them cosy and warm all winter. 

This box contains the following items:
Sea Remedies Bath Salts, The Nature of Things Lavender Oil, Aromatherapy Candle, Oxmantown body butter, Mungo Murphy's Seaweed Soap, Dunbeacon Pottery Soap Dish, Lambswool Handwarmers 

Coffee / Homeware Sets 

A Hug in a Mug (€50)


Let someone know you are thinking about them.
A delicious, Irish-roasted coffee to be enjoyed in a hand-thrown cup resting on a felt coaster with a side of sweet Irish honey. 

This box contains the following items:
Farmhand Coffee Beans, Caroline Dolan Coffee Cup, Áras Felt Coasters, Dublin Honey 

Housewarming Hugs (€100)

A bundle of Irish-made items for the home.
For anyone who has just moved in or just appreciates beautiful, useful, everyday items. A couple of hand-thrown cermic mugs to enjoy a coffee together by candle-light, protecting the good furniture with these practical felt coasters. 

This box contains the following items:
Farmhand Coffee, Brookfield Farm Beeswax Candles, Coffee Scoop, Áras Felt Coasters, 2 x Rosemarie Durr Coffee Cups 

Home Comforts (€150)

A generous collection of home essentials.
Home is where the heart is, and all of these Irish-made items will add to the comfort of any home. Delicious roasted coffee beans with a hand-turned coffee scoop to measure the perfect amount for the ceramic espresso cups. Harry’s nut butter can be enjoyed with almost any dish prepared on an Irish beech chopping board. Felt placemats will protect surfaces while the practical tea-towel will always come in handy. A couple of seaweed bags for a moment of calm and self-care. 

This box contains the following items:
Farmhand Coffee Beans, Eoghan Leadbetter Coffee Scoop, Harry’s Nut Butter, 2 x Mungo Murphy's Seaweed Bag, 2 x Rosemarie Durr Espresso Cups, Ferguson’s Tea Towel, Áras Small Chopping Board, Áras Felt Placemats