Is blow-drying your hair bad for it? 4 years ago

Is blow-drying your hair bad for it?

To blow-dry or not to blow-dry, that is a question that I often ask myself.

Blow-drying is easy and quick, which means I get out the door faster and need less time to get ready, but there are a number of reports that claim that it’s not exactly good for your hair.

In fact, it seems that allowing your hair to dry naturally (when possible) is the best way to go and is better for your locks.


Applying heat to your hair – either with a hairdryer or curling tongs – can damage hair cuticles, which are layers of protein that protect your hair against damage.

If these are damaged, your hair can become rough and dull (in other words, it has exactly the opposite effect of what you want).

Blow-drying also leads to moisture leaving your locks more quickly which can make them brittle, potentially causing split ends and even hair loss.


However, it’s not all bad. Some studies suggest that blow-drying is better but you just have to do it the right way.

Experts say that as well as using protective products on your hair before applying heat, you should let it dry slightly first, use a lower heat and keep the hairdryer at least six inches from your hair.