We just spotted the cosiest winter jacket for €20 in Penneys 7 months ago

We just spotted the cosiest winter jacket for €20 in Penneys

This looks so cosy!

The weather has been fairly rotten lately and if it's not raining then it's absolutely baltic out. Some days it feels like we just can't get the heat into us and will have on 50 layers of clothing to try and feel in any way warm.

Unfortunately, it's not acceptable to leave the house with a duvet wrapped around you but we think we have found the next best thing.

While scrolling through Instagram this morning we spotted this khaki green teddy jacket that's on sale now for only €20.


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Snug as a bug ? Jacket £18/€20/$20 #Primark #fashion

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With it's high neck it looks incredibly warm and cosy, and you can't beat a teddy jacket for a bit of heat.

If the khaki colour isn't your thing though, you should check out this gorgeous cream borg jacket.

We came across this last week, and while it might not be the most ideal jacket for this kind of weather (hello rain, mud, sludge), it will be gorgeous for when it becomes that little bit brighter.

This jacket comes in at €18 so we're 100 percent going to keep a look out for it when we're shopping.