Kate Middleton has been named the top royal fashion icon 3 years ago

Kate Middleton has been named the top royal fashion icon

Kate Middleton has been voted the top royal fashion icon, according to a new study.

Almost half of the people surveyed (47.8 per cent) voted for the Duchess of Cambridge in the research conducted by the Fashion Retail Academy [via The Sun]. 20.1 per cent of people voted for the Duchess of Sussex.

Kate proved to be popular among a number of generations, whereas Meghan's influence lies mostly with people under the age of 45.

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And with her bright coats, matching hats and accessories, the Queen was named the third most influential royal fashion icon.

Prince Harry, meanwhile, was named the most stylish of the royal men.


"Meghan may have commanded more column inches recently but it is Kate who has emerged as the royal leading the fashion stakes by a country mile," Lee Lucas, principal and CEO of the Fashion Retail Academy, one of the UK’s leading fashion schools, said. "Ever since newspapers became widely available in the UK, the Royal Family has influenced people’s style, and nowadays with the internet and social media at their disposal, it’s even easier for people to mimic their outfit choices."

"In addition to well-known designers, both duchesses have been seen wearing high street names such as Zara, Topshop and Marks & Spencer, which immediately makes them more relatable to the British public and their fashion choices more accessible," Mr. Lucas continued.  "The sheer influence they have is apparent when photos emerge of them wearing items from high street retailers which then sell out in minutes.

"By embracing the fashion world and Princess Diana’s often daring style, Kate has learned how to balance trends with tradition, and it’s nice to see that she is keeping the tradition alive."