We can't stop cooning over these pics.

Ok, this is just utterly adorable! This mum and her tot have an Instagram page that boasts some truly stunning outfits for both, and has us asking, ‘Why can’t every day be dress up day for us too?’

So mum Linda helps her hubby run their dental practise during the day in Arizona and has her very own kids clothing boutique too which no doubt lends a hand to styling her daughter Elle in the most fashionable of ensembles.

Like plenty of mums, having a little ‘mini me’ brings out the prime stylist in us, and we can’t help but create some dotey get-ups. Linda might be obsessed, but we’re glad she is.

On her blog, House of Posh Tots, Linda writes;

"...children’s fashion should be fun and reflect each child distinct personality, especially younger children that might have difficulty expressing themselves verbally."


And dad got involved to make this one extra special for the little princess.

Feature image: Linda's blog

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