Looking to add some winter warmth to your wardrobe, Regatta has you covered 4 years ago

Looking to add some winter warmth to your wardrobe, Regatta has you covered

The winter weather has arrived and with it the need for warm coats and woolies.

As Irish people we're often guilty of not wearing the correct clothing and even though it rains for most of the year I know only a handful of people who actually own waterproof jackets.

After getting two really bad colds in a row and it's only November, I decided that this year I would actually invest in some good quality winter wear.

If like me you're over getting ill and are on the lookout for some stylish but practical pieces to add to your wardrobe, you may want to check out outdoor store Regatta.

During the summer festival season I got a light rain jacket from Regatta to throw on should the Irish summer turn into an Irish monsoon, which happens pretty regularly. It has been one of my most used pieces of clothing and I always throw it into my suitcase if I'm travelling anywhere.

Now coming into December the light clothing has been put in the back of the wardrobe to make room for hats, gloves and other winter essentials.

If you've been tearing apart your presses and find that you're lacking in the appropriate apparel, you can't go wrong with Regatta for functional outdoor wear that will keep you cozy all winter long.


 Regatta Great Outdoors Vanilla Ludz Hat €7.45

Haidee Fleece in Balsam Green, Regatta Great Outdoors, €30

Lucasta Waterproof Jacket in Red, Regatta Great Outdoors, €74.95

All of these pieces are available at Regatta's 21 stores nationwide or online at regatta.ie.