If you love the no makeup look (but still want to have flawless skin), this is for you 7 months ago

If you love the no makeup look (but still want to have flawless skin), this is for you

My makeup routine these days needs to be quick, uncomplicated and hard-working.

Which I am sure goes for most busy mamas.

I have always been a fan of the no-makeup makeup look, meaning, of course, I want my skin to look all sorts of glowing and perfect – without it looking like I am actually wearing any makeup at all.

Which isn't always as straight forward as I'd like. For instance, I am not a fan of most foundations, finding them too heave and 'cake-y' on my skin, and often, as a result, get breakouts when I wear it.

Often, I find myself just mixing a drop of foundation into my tinted moisturizer, just for a little bit of coverage, but I must admit I have been looking for something a little more un-complicarted than that.

And guys – I have just found it.

Having recently tried out the new Neo Nude makeup collection from Armani Beauty, I am sold – hook, line and sinker.

The Neo Nude range, which has products for skin, cheeks and lips, promises "no makeup makeup perfection" and so naturally, I was intrigued.

The first thing that completely baffled (and seriously impressed) me, was the Neo Nude Fusion Powder, a compact that promises to deliver results that are pretty much the perfect combination of a powder and a liquid foundation – and guys; did it ever!

Applying it, it felt super-light on my skin, a million miles from the way ordinary foundations feel, and according to the press release, this is all due to new technology that allows the powder to, when it comes in contact with skin, tranform into a veil-like liquid that literally sinks right into the skin.

My skin looked radiant, yet completely bare – which is what I have always aimed for, so imagine my joy. I also, especially now in summer, love how practical the compact formula is - so much handier to throw in your bag when travelling, not having to worry about spills.

The other three products that really impressed me were these three: A-Blush, A-Contour and the A-Highlight – which were all water-based and literally melted into my skin, leaving no tell-tale trace that you are actually wearing makeup at all, just beautiful, flawless, luminous skin.

I also love how you can use these on their own, or combined to create whatever look is better for you. The A-Contour helps sculpt and define your features, and is a much more subtle take on the contouring trend (and one I can get onboard with).

The A-Blush I am now obsessed with, as they give my cheeks just the perfect amount of flush, and literally lasts all day, and the A-Highlight I just dotted on my brow bones and cheek bones and left my whole face looking so, so dewy and fresh.

Oh, and there are also lip balms as part of the new line, and like the other products in the range, the Ecstacy Balm delivers just the perfectly, naural-looking hint of colour. I have been wearing the Deep Nude shade ever since I first tried it and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

The Giorgio Armani Neo Nude range is out now in Brown Thomas Dublin, Cork and Limerick, as well as online.