Love Zara and Mango? The new Spanish highstreet brand you need to know about 2 years ago

Love Zara and Mango? The new Spanish highstreet brand you need to know about

These past couple of months, I have started to feel about my lockdown wardrobe much the same way I felt about my maternity wardrobe towards the end of my pregnancies – which was 'BURN IT ALL.'

Seriously. I am so, so sick of wearing sweats and yoga pants and athleisure round the clock, and am not more than ready to give my wardrobe a real update – and start feeling excited about getting dressed again. Remember that feeling?!

I cannot wait.

And right now, I am particularly excited about a new discovery a friend altered me to – a Spanish highstreet brand which is going to give both Zara and Mango (both favourites of mine) a run for their money, I think.

Say hello to Kolonaki Madrid – and prepare to get your credit card out.

This budget-friendly Madrid-based brand is currently creating a bit of a storm on Instagram, and when you start browsing their website and archives, you'll soon see why.

Much like Mango, and also, to some extent Zara, Kolonaki Madrid seems like the place to go for modern classics – with a bit of a fun and adorable fashion twist. The quality of the clothing seems more high end than their highstreet price point, and I am finding myself filling up the little virtual trolley rather quickly.


From the perfect midi-length summer skirt, to floaty blouses, tailored pants and some seriously swoon-worthy dresses, I am definitively snapping a few of this up for my post-lockdown outings.

Another thing I love about this brand is their ethos – and honest approach to fashion, where they seem to honour a fair relationship with the textile workers, seamstresses and tailors involved in making the collections.

Lucky for us, the brand ships worldwide, and has a flat rate for shipping that comes in around €15.

Here are just some of the items I currently have in my shopping cart (come on, payday!):

1. Teresa Dress



2. Lucinda Skirt


3. Hermosa Blouse


4. Clementina Pants



5. Natural Vega Sweatshirt


6. Sotiello Vest


7. Leonor Dress