Size-inclusive mannequin ‘fat-shamed’ in British bridal shop 1 year ago

Size-inclusive mannequin ‘fat-shamed’ in British bridal shop

The owner has displayed a sign asking people to think before being rude.

A bridal boutique owner in the UK says her window display is regularly fat-shamed for featuring a plus-sized mannequin.

Debbie Shelley, of Somerset Bridal in Minehead, has had to display a sign in her shopfront asking visitors and passersby not to laugh at or make rude comments towards the size 32 mannequin.

The store prides itself on catering to brides of all sizes given how difficult shopping for plus-sized wedding dresses can be – which Debbie has first-hand experience of.

"I’ve made it my life's work to ensure no other bride lacks choice or support when buying their gown," she explained in an Instagram post.

She thereby wanted to feature a mannequin of the right proportions to showcase their variety of plus-sized dresses and after years of searching, she finally acquired one she's since named 'Fuchsia' after its vibrant pink appearance.


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Yet the addition to the window display, which was supposed to leave more women feeling included and aware that the shop could meet their needs, has attracted hate and ridicule on a daily basis since it was first installed in April.

"She is heckled, laughed at, jeered at," Debbie said. "Fuchsia is being fat-shamed during a time when society should know better."

The owner shared that as a result of the comments, which make plus-sized customers feel uneasy whilst trying on dresses, they have had to display a sign in the window next to the mannequin asking people to think before making cruel remarks.

"I’m really sad that people are being so unkind," she continued. "Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I run an inclusive boutique. All women are welcome.

"The response to our mannequin is making my brides feel uneasy. Try falling in love with your dream dress when there are hecklers outside being rude to Fuschia!"


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The sign reads, "Are you laughing? Or are you fat-shaming? Fuschia has feelings and we think she is stunning. Please send her lots of love and not laughs."

"Hopefully, passers-by might read this and think better before being unkind in the future," Debbie said.