Meghan Markle and I have the same all-time favourite beauty buy (and it's THAT good) 4 years ago

Meghan Markle and I have the same all-time favourite beauty buy (and it's THAT good)

She is always glowing.

Look – we know Meghan Markle is pregnant right now, and therefore it is easy to attribute her enviable glow to the baby she is currently growing, but the truth is that the Duchess' skin is always this radiant.

In fact, so well-known is Harry's beautiful wife for her dewy complexion, that her skin even has its own catch-phrase: 'The Markle Sparkle.'

And look, we're aware Meghan is super-happy and in love (both great for your skin, btw), does yoga (ditto) and probably eats really well too – but she actually has another secret weapon when it comes to making her skin glow, and I was delighted to recently discover it is one the Duchess and I have in common.

Say hello to Laura Mercier's Illuminating Primer – the best €41 I have spent on anything in my makeup bag.

According to an interview, Meghan layers over her moisturizer to give her skin a dewy sheen when she's not wearing makeup.


"I don’t wear foundation unless I’m filming so this is what I put on everyday after moisturizer to give my skin a dewy glow."

And as for why it's so amazing:

"It's not sparkly. It's true to its name…illuminating."

And guys – it really is. I have tried so many primers over the years, but the one I keep coming back to is this one – and while we are singing the praise of Laura Mercier anyway, let me just mention that her Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer is the best one I have ever tried too – and a total staple in my makeup bag, as I hate wearing actual foundation.

So there you go – the Markle Sparkle could be yours for €41, ladies. (But don't knock the yoga. Or the handsome prince. Or the pregnancy – we bet they all have something to do with that glow too!)