Mini Boden just launched a Harry Potter-themed kids clothing collection – and it's MAGICAL 2 years ago

Mini Boden just launched a Harry Potter-themed kids clothing collection – and it's MAGICAL

Got a little Muggle who is obsessed with Harry Potter and his magical world living under your roof, mama?

Well, then you are going to want to put in an order for this brand new kids' clothes collection that Mini Boden has just brought out –

The Mini Boden Harry Potter line includes dresses, shirts, and sweaters that would fit right into the Wizarding World. Striking design details—like embroidery, color-changing sequins, and intricate appliqués—help bring imagery from the iconic books series to life. Aspiring Hogwarts students can rock a skirt embellished with the castle beneath a starry night sky, or a Hedwig cardigan with fluffy versions of Harry's snowy owl knitted on each sleeve.

Mini Boden


The 81-piece collection has been designed in-house by the Mini Boden design team in partnership with Warner Bros, and each piece features unique magical details and prints.

Mini Boden

What can you order? Well, there are bodies and tops for each of the houses, and cute t-shirts embroidered with iconic characters and objects from the books, including Harry’s spectacles, the Hippogriff, Hedwig, the Hogwarts Express, the flying car and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. And there is of course the iconic letter knitted jumper, which we kind of wish came in adult size too, tbh.

Mini Boden

The collection runs from newborn through to age 16, so that all children can wear the magic, and while some of it has launched already, there will be a second collection launching on 7th October 2019, just in time for Halloween, which, as you well know, I am sure, is a very important event in the wizarding world.

Mini Boden