Morning mania? The "Two-Four" rule might just get you ready and out the door quicker 3 years ago

Morning mania? The "Two-Four" rule might just get you ready and out the door quicker

Mornings can be the worst.

I mean, trying to get myself ready, pack lunchboxes, break up a few fights when my four-year-old has "accidentally" done a Ninja move on his sister, make beds – let's just say, this time a day can be rather hectic for parents, no?

Getting myself ready and made up and dressed for work can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, and I have just, at this stage, made peace with the fact that if I am going to be able to leave the house looking somewhat out together, I have to just get up earlier than everyone else – or it won't happen.

However, I recently came across a really amazing tip on how to cut your morning get-ready time in half  – just by following this very simple "Two-Four Rule."

Basically, this tip tells you to focus on just two out of the four categories skin, hair, makeup and outfit – and that by doing so, not only will you naturally save yourself a ton of time, but you will also still look pulled together and respectable for whatever your day might throw at you.

Here is what the writer had to say about the theory behind this rule:


"In the morning, I only focus on two out of four of the following categories: Skin, Outfit, Hair, Makeup. I find that channeling my attention into two categories saves time, but still makes me look pulled-together enough for whatever the day holds. If my skin is in good shape, I throw on a cute outfit and walk out the door. Similarly, I add waves to my hair and some makeup when my skin is less-than-ideal, or throw on a cute outfit and some makeup."

Seriously – doesn't this just make so much sense, no? If your skin is looking glowing AF, you don't need to cover it with make-up, just add a cute outfit, and you are good to go. Likewise, if your skin is acting up, maybe adding some makeup will make  you feel more put together, and by doing your hair too, you can get away with wearing something less dressy and still look good.

The bonus? You'll have more time and less stress, but also – according to this writer – it will leave you feeling more balanced when it comes to superficial things and beauty.

Here is what she had to say:

"The more I employed the Two-Four Rule, the more overdone I felt when I did three or four out of the categories. Unexpectedly, it changed my perspective on the times I consider myself to look "beautiful." I used to feel my prettiest when I was done-up for an event like a wedding, with coiffed hair, heavy makeup, and a beautiful dress. Now, I feel my prettiest—and also most like myself—anytime I'm able to skip makeup, because it usually means I'm at my healthiest, from the inside-out!"