All You Need To Know About Choosing An Engagement Ring... 3 years ago

All You Need To Know About Choosing An Engagement Ring...

Getting engaged is a big deal. It signifies that you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone and create a life with them.

And a major part of getting engaged is the ring.

Whether you are the person doing the asking or are the person being asked and now have to pick a ring (apparently 1 in 8 brides have complete control over the sparkler), there are some basics you should know., who work with some of the world’s leading diamond brokers and dealers, has created an infographic to help you get started.

For both brides and their partners, 40 per cent of whom leave just 3 months to pick the ring, the four C's of diamonds are a must-know...

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They also suggest that you pick a diamond with little or no fluorescence because one with a strong fluorescence could react to sunlight of artificial lights.

Considering that the design of the ring is seen as the most important aspect of the piece of jewellery, here are the different types of diamond shapes and ring bands...

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The diamond specialist also recommends selecting a jeweller that has certification from a recognised diamond industry body and says you should definitely get the ring insured to prevent against loss, theft and/or damage.

Another tip they have is, if you are guessing the size of the ring, pick a ring that your partner commonly wears and go bigger because it's easier and cheaper to go down a size.

As for the question of budget, generally partners spend the equivalent of two months salary but of course, it depends on personal circumstances and tastes.