The 'New Mum Survival Basket' I make for all my friends when they have a baby 1 year ago

The 'New Mum Survival Basket' I make for all my friends when they have a baby

One of the absolute sweetest (and most useful things) I got for my baby shower when I was pregnant with my first baby, was a basket my best friend had filled with all sorts of things that she knew would come in handy during the first couple of weeks with baby.

It contained: A couple of my favourite magazines, a book, a notebook and pens, a reusable water bottle, a power bank (to I could charge my phone when the battery went), nipple cream, lip balm, cozy socks, earphones, a few nappies, baby wipes, a few homemade energy bars and a beautiful card telling me why I needed all these things.

Needless the say, the thoughtfulness of it all made me cry.

And ever since, when a friend has had a baby, I have tried to re-create something similar – hoping she will find it as sweet and useful as I did with the basket I received before my little girl was born.

If you think this sounds like the perfect thing to make for someone you know that are having a baby, I came across these lovely images on Pinterest lately, where blogger Glitter Inc. has put together a similar basket.


According to her blog post, her basket was a little bit more about indulgence than the ones I make, which are more about what a new mum needs to have nearby (for all those hours you are glued to the sofa, breastfeeding). And here is what she included in it:

A basket
A card for mom
A cozy blanket
Bath bombs
A new bath sponge
A packet of 'thank you' cards (for the new mum to send out, obvs)
Comfy socks
Chocolate (or other favourite treat)
A good book (or a stack of favourite magazines)
A candle
Hair brush
Hair clips
Face mask
An activity book
Markers or coloured pencils

What do YOU think, moms? Would you have appreciated a basket like this when you just had your baby? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @herfamilydotie