Red Swimsuit searches up 55% Since 'Pam + Tommy' series launched 1 year ago

Red Swimsuit searches up 55% Since 'Pam + Tommy' series launched

Some things just never go out of style.

While we might think of shows like Sex and the City influencing people's style choices it seems that the Disney+ series Pam + Tommy might be giving the fashionable four a run for their money.

Since the show launched at the start of this month, there has been 55 per cent more searches for red swimsuits inspired by Pamela Anderson's Baywatch uniform.

In the most recent episode, viewers got their first glimpse of Lily James portraying Baywatch-star Pamela Anderson (pictured below) and were blown away by the likeness.

But it's not just the convincing lookalike that has viewers talking, the 55 per cent increase in global Google searches for 'red swimsuits' proves that the high-leg and low-cut Baywatch uniform is still a fashion statement over 30 years since it first made an appearance.


Speaking to style expert, Flora Harris of Pour Moi, she explains why the iconic red swimsuit is a favourite among women;

"A red swimsuit is always a popular vacation item, but no fire-engine-red one-piece will ever be as iconic as Pamela Anderson's Baywatch uniform.

With the high-leg (but low-cut) suit recently making a reappearance on our screens, it's no surprise that searches for red swimsuits have increased around the globe, as the high-leg design is as fashionable now as it was 33 years ago when it first made a statement debut on Baywatch.

As summer approaches we expect to see a whole host of new trends for our beachwear, but we can always guarantee that a classic red swimsuit will be a timeless customer favourite.

Red is really flattering for all skin tones and a one-piece as bold as Anderson's is always going to be in fashion."

So there you have it, when it comes to beachwear this summer it's going to be all about Pam's iconic red one piece.