Say hello to the perfect pair of black Chelsea boots, that are just €23 in the New Look sale 7 months ago

Say hello to the perfect pair of black Chelsea boots, that are just €23 in the New Look sale

Oh love them!

The weather has started getting  a lot chillier in recent weeks, and we're absolutely here for it.

Soon, we'll be in the genuine depths of winter (March is usually the coldest month of the year), when fashion starts getting cool and cosy.

Anyway, the change in weather made us realise that now is the time to be sorting out the aul wardrobe.

You know yourself, the hats, the winter coats and all those knitted jumpers that just put a smile on our face.

The most important item in every summer wardrobe? The shoes.

Shoes are literally the key to every outfit in our opinion, and we just found the perfect pair of winter boots.

Perfect for the colder months of the year, but also an unreal bargain at the same time - what's not to love?

The kind of boots that will go with absolutely everything, and that offer genuine comfort.

Say no more.

new look

While scrolling through the wonderful Internet today, we couldn't help but notice these babies on the New Look website.

Say hello to the Black Leather-Look Chelsea Boots, the most glorious pair of winter boots we've ever seen.

"Upgrade your cold-weather style with these leather-look Chelsea boots," reads the description on site.

The description continues;

"This piece is registered by The Vegan Society and is completely animal free. These are part of our improved comfort footwear: a range of styles designed with features such as extra padding, softer linings and flexibility."

And ladies, can we talk about the price for just one minute.

These lovely boots are currently on site for a very reasonable €23, which is actually a pretty unreal price, when you consider how much you'll wear them.

And even better? There is an amazing range of sizes available, from a size 3 to a size 9 - delighted to see that from a brand like New Look.

We suggest you act fast though, these New Look boots are selling like hot cakes.