Scandi Christmas magic: IKEA has given us a sneak peek at their Christmas 2021 collection 1 year ago

Scandi Christmas magic: IKEA has given us a sneak peek at their Christmas 2021 collection

It's still a while to go (14 weeks to be exact).

But that doesn't mean we can't start to get a teeny, tiny excited about Christmas already.

And let's be clear – studies have actually proven that people who decorate for the holidays early are, in fact, happier than those who wait until it's actually December before doing so. Also, we were recently invited to have a sneak peek at Ikea's upcoming holiday season collection – and true to form, it is nothing short of magical.

In true Scandi form, the IKEA Christmas Collection 2021 draws inspiration from nature and tradition. Think natural wood, and mutes tones of green, brown, white and orange.

Being majorly committed to sustainability, IKEA didn't falter when it came to designing a festive collection that highlights this effort.

Many of the decorations are made of paper and materials leftover from other productions or plants. And some of the products are also made by artisans of IKEA’s partner in social entrepreneurship, Doi Tung.


Being of Scandinavian descend myself, I must admit I am very partial to natural Christmas decorations – they are simply timeless.

I love how these decorative stars, made from dried plant parts and with a 100 percent jute ribbon, makes it easy to feel like you are bringing the outside in this holidays season.

When it comes to winters in Scandinavia, they can be long, dark and cold. Which is no doubt the reason most of us Scandis are obsessed with lighting. Especially when it comes to decorating for Christmas.

From string lights to tealights, we love filling our homes with light, and I cannot wait to get my hands on these adorable lantern houses and pretty string lighting for on top of my mantelpiece.

White decor and plenty of lights – a recipe for a Scandi Christmas home.


And whatever you do, don't forget the outside too.

Few things say Scandi Christmas more than a decorated gingerbread house on display. And PS: IKEA does the best self-assembly gingerbread houses you can lay your hands on.

Being able to once more welcome family and friends around our table will no doubt be the highlight of this year's Christmas season.

We adore these mistletoe-patterned runners and leaf decor pieces, such a lovely, festive look for your table.