Selfcare Sunday: 5 beauty buys I keep re-buying for the ultimate spa-at-home experience 1 month ago

Selfcare Sunday: 5 beauty buys I keep re-buying for the ultimate spa-at-home experience

Is there absolutely anything better than going to the spa?

I mean; even the water feels luxurious and relaxing. Never mind the products.

I think we can all agree spa visits are right up there with our favourite ways to spend our time.

However, as we are in the middle of a global pandemic and in level 5 lockdown (still), spa visits are out for now. Not to mention that even when spas are open, they are rather pricy and not something we can afford on the regular.

But you guys – it's 2021 – self-care should be something we call practise. After all – you can't pour from an empty cup and all that. The good news? You can turn your own home into your very own pampering oasis with these luxurious, relaxing, and affordable products.

1. deDANÚ White Stone Diffuser

What first comes to mind when you think about going to a spa? My bet is the relaxing and soothing scent that just seems to be in the air at every luxurious spa. The good news? It is now easier than ever to recreate this at home. Diffusing essential oils and essential oil blends is such a quick way to get that spa feeling at home, and bonus? It has all sorts of benefits for your health, mood and wellbeing too.

I love the oils from Irish brand deDanú – and this diffuser is really great. Not only is it easy to use, but it looks so good too! Experiment with oils and wellness blends and find ones that you love. My personal favourite is the Juniper Berry Essential Oil (€19) and the Equalyptus Pure Essential Oil (€11).



2. Patchology Best Foot Forward

Oh, how I love this warming foot mask – it really saves my winter dry toes! I always walk around in my bare feet inside – and notoriously never wear socks – not even in winter. I think it's a yoga teacher thing. However, what this means, is that my feet are often in need of some TLC. And this mask is by far the best one I have ever tried, and I always make sure to have one on hand.

Lined with layers and layers of nourishing and calming ingredients, my feet feel baby-soft, smooth, and rejuvenated in 10 minutes flat.


3. Phlov Very Superberry Revitalising Concentrate

This serum is literally like a holiday in a bottle. I swear, my entire face looks so much more rested and glowy and healthy after I use this – and I love how the ingredients are so clean and natural too!


Acerola, sea buckthorn, cranberry, guarana and camu all support skin in the fight against stress and signs of fatigue, while patented vitamin C penetrates deeply into the skin and has an active effect for a long time after use.

I can honestly say my skin looks SO much better after I discovered this serum!


4. Nunaia Palo Santo Wood Incense Bundle

Another great buy to really get that spa feeling in your home or bathroom.

The fragrant smoke of this 'holy wood' has been used for thousands of years by traditional South American communities for its physical and spiritual benefits. The highly aromatic palo santo wood can be used to cleanse and energize a space and to clear and restore energy.

Nunaia's concentrated, high-resin Palo Santo incense sticks are Certified by the Peruvian Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife and are sustainably and ethically sourced. This holy wood is harvested only after the tree has died and is left to mature for a more concentrated, high resin content.


Just burn one for a few moments and feel the benefits.


5. Westlab Sleep Bath Salts

A long, hot bath is my absolute favourite way to practise self-care, and I am obsessed with these bargain bath salts from Westlab.

Did you know a relaxing bathing ritual before bed can help encourage a deep, restorative night’s sleep? These salts create a fragrant, mineral-infused bath that prepares the mind for a peaceful night ahead, and I swear I always sleep better having used it.

The 100 percent natural blend of mineral-rich Epsom and Dead Sea Salts, infused with jasmine and lavender essentials oils, is designed relax the body and promote deep, peaceful sleep.

€7.99, Holland & Barrett