The Sex and the City star who could be New York's next Governor 3 years ago

The Sex and the City star who could be New York's next Governor

We weren't expecting this.

It’s been 14 years since we said goodbye to Sex and the City and it looks like one of its biggest stars is now ready for a career change.

Yes, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were the best friends everyone wanted but we never considered they be the politicians we might need – until now.

It’s being reported that Cynthia Nixon is strongly considering a run for office.

What office you may ask? Well, just the Governor of New York’s.


Yes, the actress, who played the loveable Miranda in the long-running show, is rumoured to be considering getting into the race against the current governor, Andrew Cuomo.

It’s being reported that Nixon is currently assembling a highly qualified team to run her campaign before making an official announcement in the coming months.

Apparently, the mum-of-three is studying hard on the issues that the current governor falls down on in a bid to win support when primaries begin in September.

The rumours have received mixed reviews from the general public with many voicing those opinions on Twitter in recent days.