Sneak peek! We have checked out all the brand new bits coming to Ikea this spring 2 years ago

Sneak peek! We have checked out all the brand new bits coming to Ikea this spring

OK, let's ignore the rather chilly temperatures for a bit and instead revel in the fact that spring is, in fact, on its way.

No, really – it's true.

And I don't know about you, but this time of year always has me longing to make a few changes to reflect that my favourite season is once again approaching.

Luckily; I was just granted a little sneak peek at all of the news that will be coming into Ikea from February onwards, and guys – prepare to want it all – I know I sure did.

This launch, according to the Swedish furniture giant, is about living a conscious and mindful lifestyle that is close to nature. And this goes whether you are living in the countryside or the city, like me. All you need is to bring nature into your home with a bit of greenery – and a wabi-sabi attitude.

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Think natural materials, soothing colours, and modern furniture balanced with traditional craftmanship, something which mirrors our current desire for both creativity and innovation, as well as sustainability and humbleness.

With the concept of 'wellness' being the major buzzword that it is, this year, for the first time, the clever people at Ikea have made furniture that is not only good for the planet, but also for you, such as their new air-purifying curtains made from recycled PET bottles.

The innovative technology consists of a mineral-based photocatalyst coating that is applied to the textile. When activated by daylight, it breaks down common indoor air pollutants.

Overall, the theme running through the latest collection at Ikea is very much a conscious one, asking us to take good care of our belongings, mend things that get worn or broken over discarding and replacing, and knowing we are all connected to nature – and that we all need to take better care of this beautiful planet of ours.

One of my favourite things in the entire collection was this Torared pendant lampshade (€15), I love how simple it is, and yet will make the perfect focal point over a dining table.

Made from seagrass, a renewable material, makes this a sustainable choice. Each lampshade is unique since seagrass has natural colour variations, and it is hand-woven by skilled craftspeople.

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There is also en entire new children's textile collection – Käpphäst, which is inspired by traditional patterns Swedish knitted mittens – and it is colourful and lovely and so perfect for both nurseries and children's rooms – and sure to inject a bit of fun into any space.

Made from 100 percent cotton from sustainable sources, the rugs, cushions and blankets are literally bursting with colour and retro Scandi spirit. The textiles feature whimsical patterns of bicycles, elephants, teddy bears and trains.

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen in 2o20, I bet you are going to love the new Kallarp kitchen fronts as much as I do. This bold dark-red-brown colour is like nothing I have ever seen elsewhere before, and will no doubt make the kitchen the talking point of your home.

The high gloss finish will look fab in any kitchen and will mix just as well with modern decor as it will a more traditional one.

Another fab buy I will absolutely be picking up for myself is the brand new Fullspäckad serving tray, perfect for when you need to bring food from the kitchen out to your terrace or garden come summer – or, you know, when you just want to carry your dinner over to the sofa to eat it there.

The tray is also perfect for serving or presenting food when you have guests, and comes complete with a handy carrying handle. I also love how it is made from bamboo – a renewable and fast-growing natural material, making it a sustainable choice.