Struggle with post-partum hair loss? This product might be worth a try 9 months ago

Struggle with post-partum hair loss? This product might be worth a try

Your body can go through a lot of changes after having a baby.

Our hormones are trying to return to normal after almost 10 months of pregnancy, you are recovering from giving birth, you are leaking from pretty much everywhere. And on top of that, for many of us, we are also finding that our hair is literally coming out in clumps.

To me, this didn't really happen so much after my first baby, when my hair remained in its glossy and thick pregnancy state for long after she was born. Feeling smug, I assumed this would also be the case after baby #2, but boy; was I wrong.

In fact; I was barely home from hospital with him when I found that almost every surface in the house seemed to be covered in my hairs. The shower drain, my hairbrush, everywhere just seemed to serve me with a visual reminder that my hair was literally falling out en masse.

Eventually it stopped, thank God – and I know many experts say we are actually not losing any more hair than what we would have normally lost the months we were pregnant anyway, but still; I found it very much took its toll on my confidence and wellbeing in those first few months, having to worry about how much hair I was actually going to be left with when this all settled down.


Lucky for you brand new mamas, the clever folks at Kérastase have now developed a number of products, specifically to promote healthy hair growth and keep your hair strong and protected from breakage – in other words; perfect for post-partum hair.

So if you are finding your hair coming out in clumps, mama, get yourself to your nearest salon that sells Kérastase, and stock up on the new Résistance Extentioniste range – right now.

The series include a shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum, all of which are designed to be used together in the quest for strong, long locks.

Describing the range as daily boot camp for hair as it "strengthens the hair from root to tip," it also includes a specially-formulated combination of Creatine R Complex, the amino acid Taurine and Maleic Acid.

These three ingredients together reinforce the structure and surface of the hair fibre while maintaining shine, elasticity and most importantly, strength, which means new hair growth is healthier than ever before.

There are four products in total, and the one we are really intrigued by is the Scalp and Hair Serum, priced at €50. Now; you might think this sounds a little pricy, but know that it is described as a "true hero product" and contains ceramides that target hair damage in addition to restoring the hair cuticle.
 The other products in the rance are priced as follows: Bain Extentioniste (€21.60), Fondant Extentioniste, (€26.10), and Masque Extentioniste, (€39.60), a length-strengthening mask.