Struggling to sleep in the heat? Aldi has just launched 'cooling bedding' 1 year ago

Struggling to sleep in the heat? Aldi has just launched 'cooling bedding'

Tossing and turning and cannot get to sleep on these warm, sticky nights?


(It doesn't help that I have two kids that insist on wandering into my bed in the middle of the night most nights and then warm up the bed further with their limbs that flap about and constant movements either).

When it is hot and sticky outside like the past week has been, I sleep with the window wide open, in a cotton nightdress. I drink a glass of ice-cold water after brushing my teeth before bed – and still, I find it hard to sleep when the weather is clammy.

Which is why I was all sorts of excited to learn that Aldi will be selling a clever cooling bedding range for summer — with prices starting at just €4.99!

The cooling bedding, which includes climate control duvets, pillows, mattress protector and pillow protectors is made using unique Advansa hollow-fibre technology, designed to give you a more comfortable sleep, especially when the nights get hotter over the next couple of months.

The Climate Control Pillows (€9.99 for a two-pack) is also made using the Advansa fibre technology, and 'wicks away moisture to help keep you comfortable in bed.'


'With the weather heating up, people can avoid balmy bedtimes and restless nights by creating optimum sleeping conditions with Aldi this summer,' the German supermarket says. 'Experts say that keeping cool at night is essential for a good night's sleep and with Aldi's new Cooling Down for Summer bedding range, you can do just that.'

The Climate Control Duvet (€14.99 double), (€17.99 king), (€19.99 super king) is designed to keep you cool and dry for a better night’s sleep during the warm summer months.

The Cooling Down Collection, which features special technology to keep the body cool and calm, will hit shelves shortly as part of Aldi's new weekly special buys drop.