Stuck for space? Here are the PERFECT Christmas trees for you 6 years ago

Stuck for space? Here are the PERFECT Christmas trees for you

If you are living in an apartment, or have a sitting room that is on the small side, trying to fit a full-sized Christmas tree in can be quite the headache.

I mean, the thought of giving up precious square footage for a Christmas tree can seem a little ridiculous –especially at a time a year when you more than likely will have guests over and entertain more, and basically need every inch of space in your home that you can squeeze out of it.

But fear not; you can still get your Christmas tree – you will just have to think a little bit outside the box for now. These ten modern and totally space saving alternatives will not only look cool, but will also no doubt be the talking point of the holidays:


Paint you tree straight onto your wall (if you don't mind painting over it come January, that is.). Then decorate as you wish.


Doesn't driftwood make the coolest Christmas tree?!


Plaster some brown paper onto your wall and simply draw your Christmas tree on. Genius. Also, you can basically go for any colour or style that you wish. Tape some baubles on and you are good to go.



If you are a dab hand with some DIY, this homemade wooden version will work a treat. Try to be creative with your decor too, this one can take it.


We are obsessed with chalkboard paint these days, and think this one is as cool as they come. Perfect for on top of you mantelpiece.


Bet you never thought your cups and plates could be turned into a very unusual version of a Christmas tree?!


Sticks and rope can make some very stylish alternative Christmas tree if you don't have the room for a traditional one. Just drape in fairy lights, and we guarantee you will even impress yourself.


Well, this one is practically as good as the real thing, no?


Now you know what to do with all those rolls of wrapping paper!


Tissue paper make for one cool tree, no? We are so attempting this one!

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