Summer reading: 10 seriously great books to pack in your staycation suitcase 1 year ago

Summer reading: 10 seriously great books to pack in your staycation suitcase

OK; so you might not be packing a beach bag or getting ready to sit by the pool and sip frappes this summer.

But that doesn't mean we don't intend to spend the next few weeks getting lost in some seriously great books. I mean; that's what summer is all about, no?

If this sounds like your idea of summer too (and remember, it doesn't matter whether you are reading these books in your back garden, in bed or on a blustery beach in Connemara), then we have rounded up 10 new(ish) and seriously great summer reads:

1. Coming Undone

by Terri White

To the outside world, White looked like she was winning at life, with a hotshot media career in New York. But inside, the poverty and abuse she witnessed as a child was starting to catch up with her.

2. The Vanishing Half

by Brit Bennett


Two identical black twin sisters run away at 16, and as adults, one returns with a black husband and child and the other pretends to be white in California. The incredible story follows each of their lives, their identities, and how these sisters lives intertwine, even in adulthood.

3. Sex and Vanity

by Kevin Kwan

If you loved Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians, you are no doubt going to love this story too. Chinese-American Lucie gets caught up in a love triangle between a Hong Kong surfer, for whom she suppresses her feelings, and billionaire Cecil, whom her parents – shockingly – approve of. In other words, there is love and gossip and glamour – and what more would you want, really?

4. How Do We Know We're Doing It Right?: Essays on Modern Life 

by Pandora Sykes

As a journalist and co-host of the phenomenally successful podcast The High Low Show, Sykes is well used to examining the nuances of modern life and pop culture. Now though, Sykes has hannelled her wisdom into a book of essays which explore everything from email culture to fast fashion and the cult of 'authenticity'.


5. How to Disappear

by Gillian McAllister

When Lauren’s daughter, Zara, tells an innocent lie in court, the duo has to go into witness protection, leaving behind their entire lives, including close friends and family.

Then more lies start to unravel, and you'll find yourself sucked into this incredibly thrilling story.

6. Big Summer (Kindle edition)

by Jennifer Weiner

Daphne, a successful plus-size Instagram Influencer is asked by her ex-best friend Drue to be the Maid of Honor in her Cape Cod wedding.  In other words, we are talking beaches and sunshine and friendship and romance, and honestly, this book is summer all summed up.


7. The Unhoneymooners

by Christina Lauren

When Olive's sister and Ethan's brother get food poisoning on their wedding night, their planned honeymoon is up for grabs. However, Olive and Ethan are enemies and rivals, so you can just imagine how un-honeymoon-y their fake honeymoon then really is.

8. The Cheerleaders

by Kara Thomas

Technically a young adult novel, but you will find yourself gripped by this very summery murder mystery story.


9. Exciting Times

by Naoise Dolan

When Irish twentysomething Ava moves to Hong Kong, she meets banker, Julian. However, once Julian leaves town for a while with work, Ava gets tangled up with the very enigmatic Edith... A fun, sexy and very can't-put-it-down story to devour this summer.

10. The Happiness Project

by Gretchen Rubin

Happiness is a journey, not a destination, and for Gretchen Rubin, she spent a year trying to figure out just how to be happy (and what it means for her). A seriously good read if you have ever found yourself curious about the concept of happiness and how you can cultivate it for yourself.