The wedding ring trend that's becoming very popular with Irish couples 4 years ago

The wedding ring trend that's becoming very popular with Irish couples

Have you spotted this particular style of ring yet?

The traditional wedding ring is a plain gold or platinum band but with trends evolving all the time, there's now a huge amount of choice and it can be a difficult finding the perfect fit.

For many brides, an important consideration is whether the wedding band in question works with their engagement ring style, if it's a good fit, do the metals match etc.

According to one expert, matching engagement and wedding rings are becoming more and more popular with Irish couples.


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The perfect pale grey pear diamond in our Sirena setting engagement ring! Perfectly stacked with our Ombré diamond Vivian

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Now, when we say matching, they don't have to be completely identical but matching in the sense that they fit well together and have been designed to do so.


This particular opinion comes from an expert who has chatted to numerous couples first-hand and helped them choose their wedding bands.

Having chatted to a jeweller in the know at Weir & Sons, we're told:

"Matching wedding and eternity bands are a large factor in engagement ring choice and clients show extreme foresight in choosing engagement rings that look best with matching wedding and eternity bands, due to the beautiful symmetry that this effect can give".

Of course, it's important to note that what is right for one couple won't work for another. That said, it's interesting to know what's trending, particularly if you're planning on making a big purchase soon.